ITN Networks Premium Video Solutions

Creating and Selling customized National Networks across Local Linear TV and CTV / OTT

Unlock the value of the local marketplace; on a national level; utilizing proprietary technology

Value of the Local Marketplace:

  • Quality broadcast and cable programming that cannot be purchased via the national marketplace
  • Flexibility to build customized media solutions that achieve marketing goals across linear and premium digital video inventory without the confines of the traditional national marketplace


  • ITN developed technology that allows local inventory to be used on a national scale
  • Creates customized national solutions based on specific brand needs
  • Monitors networks on the same metrics and standards as national


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Abate inflation and eroding ratings

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Build schedules without the dictated confines of the traditional linear marketplace

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Increase reach on specific demographics / strategic targets

Customized networks are guaranteed and delivered utilizing National Marketplace Metrics

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National Television Metrics

  • Individually Rated National Commercial Units
  • Nielsen National People Meter Audience Measurement
  • EXACT BREAK “C3” National Commercial Ratings
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Guaranteed Customized Schedules

  • U.S. Coverage
  • National Audience & CPMs
  • Programming
  • Dayparts
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3rd Party Verification

  • 3rd Party Electronic Commercial Encoding to verify proof of air
  • All Markets – All Stations – All Commercial Clearances Verified
  • Nielsen National Audience Publication in MediaOcean Systems
  • Nielsen National N-Power & All-Minute Respondent Level Data

ITN Networks customized offerings create tailored schedules based on client consumers and brand needs

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Local Broadcast News / Late night & Syndication

  • Utilize local avails to increase reach and efficiency
  • Dayparting and fully customizable combinations
  • One-Stop-Shop for syndication needs
  • Full transparency buying
  • Data-Agnostic
  • Nielsen rated, MSA-posted & fully demo guaranteed
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Local Cable

  • Increase reach with greater efficiency
  • More precise ratings methodology vs. other cable unwireds
  • A la carte; no clusters or bundled purchases necessary (minimum of 5 networks needed)
  • :30 or :60 creative preferred
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Premium CTV & OTT

  • Premium inventory purchased via direct partnerships (no exchanges)
  • KPI delivery well above industry standards
  • Transparency & management via a single platform dashboard
  • Inventory delivered across all devices, platforms and distributors
  • Can be combined with a linear inventory plan
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ITN National Consumer Target Networks

  • Nielsen NAD Demographics
  • Nielsen Catalina Solutions
  • First Party Data
  • Cross-Platform Data
  • Client-Planner Insights
  • Exclusive Research
  • Independent Studies

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