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Experience - Innovation - Performance

ITN Networks brings decades of experience and investment building the most advanced, fully operational enterprise of technology, data, inventory and services to the television and video advertising industry.

ITN taps into the larger, valuable supply of local television inventory and premium digitally streamed content to design and sell customized national networks based on each marketer’s strategic goals.


ITN Networks has a long history of being disruptive, being the “first company” to do things that had never been done before, creating valuable new business models with innovative processes and technologies purpose-built to address critical challenges in execution. 

Since launching in 1983, ITN pioneered the "Unwired" Network concept for broadcast television and soon became the first company to have locally placed television commercial schedules rated directly by Nielsen's National People Meter sample, expressly to compete in the national marketplace.

In the 90s, ITN evolved into a technology and data company, developing the first network of systems designed to automate data-workflow from sales to planning to buying and stewardship on national schedules built using local television inventory.  As tech companies turned to digital, ITN quickly became renowned for demonstrating new technologies year-after-year at television conferences that instead were showcasing new programs and their star celebrities.

Since the 2000s, as continuous revolutions in data, technology and automation have enabled ITN to accelerate our exclusive practices and proprietary business systems, the relentless search for better solutions continues to be at the core of everything we do. That entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity remains vital to the core of our company culture. 


Our passion for building business technology puts ITN at the forefront of a television industry that is in need to reimagine what and how it must evolve to thrive in an expanding digital ecosystem.  ITN’s purpose is to transform what brands, agencies, and suppliers can accomplish with television and video.



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