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Over 55% of all broadcast television commercial inventory is local.

ITN brings this larger, valuable supply to the national TV marketplace.

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ITN National News Networks

Built on the Power of Local TV Newscasts to Provide Greater Reach and Ad Impact

Morning | Noon | Evening | Prime | Late

Higher National Ratings vs. Broadcast Network Alternatives

More Relevant to Consumers' Local Interests and Lifestyles

On-Air Talent are Local Figures Reporting on Their Own Communities

Less Politicized than National Opinion News Programs

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ITN National Entertainment Networks

Full Content Control: Top Quality Programs in Strategic Dayparts

Custom Concentrations in Specific Programs & Genres

Network Dayparts: Daytime, Late Night, Weekend

Non-Network Dayparts: Early Fringe, Prime Access

Custom Time Periods Nearest Purchase Decision or Use

Improve Clients' Program Mixes More Cost Effectively

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ITN National Consumer Target Networks

Advanced Television Targeting-Optimization-Allocation-Stewardship-Posting

Nielsen NAD Demographics

Nielsen Catalina Solutions

First-Party Data

Third-Party Data

Cross-Platform Data

Exclusive Research

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