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ITN addresses marketers’ demands for digital precision

with TV-like expectations.

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Broadcast and Cable Full-Episode Content Streamed Digitally 

Highest Quality Video Content Streamed Live and On-Demand

Network Apps – Station/MVPD Apps – Bundled Apps

All Streaming Devices, Smart TVs and Consoles

Commercial Lengths :60 / :30 / :15 / :06 Seconds

Nielsen DAR Demographic Audience Guarantees

95%+ Video Completion Rate on Ads

100% Viewable on Full Screen

Daily Schedule Monitoring & Maintenance

TAG Certified Against Fraud

Compatible with Major Third-Party Platforms

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Execute Turn-Key and Customizable Campaign Strategies

ITN Maintains Full Control of Content, Publishers and Ad Serving

Target Contextually to Entertainment, News and Sports Content

Deliver and Measure on All or Select Devices

Target or Limit % on Mobile and Desktop

Custom Concentrations in Specific Dayparts

Geo-Target in the Most Premium Content with Greater Efficiency

Options to Include Short-Form for Synergistic Targeting Precision

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Proven Results for All Types of Marketers and Objectives

We Don’t Sell What We Have, But Build What You Need

Cross-Platform TV and Digital “Fluidity” Packages at Same CPMs

Successful Political Campaigns in General and Primary Elections

DMA Geo-Targeted Campaigns for QSRs, Autos, Regional Stores

Sponsored Original Sports-Themed Interview Programming

Live-Streaming-Only Campaigns for Unduplicated Reach with TV

DTC Attribution Metrics for Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation

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