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ITN Meets and Exceeds All National TV Market Criteria

ITN Provides the Only Broadcast Unwired Providing the Following:

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Nielsen National People Meter Audience Measurement

National "C3" Ratings: Commercial Audience + 3 Days DVR Playback

Exact Commercial Break Ratings (versus Average Break Ratings)

3rd Party Electronically Encoded & Verified Commercial Clearances

Individual National Ratings on the Performance of Each National Unit

NAD Demographic Measures (i.e. FT Working, Household Size, HH Income)

Nielsen National Respondent Data: Measure & Optimize Reach Performance

Nielsen Published Performance in N-Power Software

Rapid Turn-Around: Audience Posting & Tracking within 2 ½ Weeks

Electronic Posting & Tracking: MediaOcean Software

SAG - Talent Payments: National Class A Use Fees

Guaranteed Audience Delivery with Cashback as Required

Dual Audience Guarantees: Primary Buying Demo + Secondary Target

Custom Reporting by Nielsen in TAR (Total Audience Ratings)

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