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ITN’s technology quickly capitalizes on trends and inventory opportunities to efficiently drive scalable customer acquisition and lead generation.

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Fully Customizable Packages 

Select Networks Your Data Says Will Work

No Forced Packaging - Build Your Own Plans

Adjustable National Rates Based on ROI Feedback

Timely, Accurate Clearance and Spending Data

Weekly Adjustments to Maximize Performance

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ITN Provides Real Advantages and Valuable Opportunities

One-Stop-Shop to Buy and Manage Schedules Across 100+ Networks

Lower Unit Costs than National Networks

Comparable or Lower CPMs than National Networks

Greater Flexibility to Make Adds and Cuts than National Networks

Broadcast Supplements to Extend the Reach of Cable Schedules

Create and Test Multiple Groups of Networks Through one Provider

Singular Source for Data to Produce All-Inclusive Attribution Results


Television Works!!​

Unparalleled Results in Generating Customer Awareness & Interest

" If  I were advising another company,

I would tell them to test TV. But,

as a competitor, I would tell them not to."

Jeremy Hum, Co-Founder & CEO

Touch of Modern (May 2019)

Steven Gutentag, Co-Founder

Keeps (Digiday, 1/22/19)

"We see the benefits of using it (TV) early.

It’s not a small investment in terms

of developing the creative and media

costs, but it’s a channel that enables

you to tell a story."

" We’ve been able to build Wayfair as a household brand very quickly over

just the last few years. Without using television, I don’t think we would

be where we are today.”

Niraj Shah, Co-Founder 

Wayfair (2018)

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